Saturday, October 15, 2011

As Promised

I finally scanned a few pictures of Nathan (it's not that I didn't want to; my laptop has no battery life and I have to plug in; it's a whole production to do something simple).   Sorry it took so long.  I've tried cropping the pictures a bit; in the preview they extend over the actual post limits, size wise, so if they're 'off', I apologize. I wanted to place them big enough, because if you click on them to see the bigger picture, it's huge.  Hope you don't mind.

My mom wrote on the back of this picture, "The Crew of '82".  I would have been 6.  From left to right: Nate, A. and myself (what I would do for that colour hair again).  Weren't we goofy?  Always joking around.  

Look at the faces - again!  I don't think we knew how to do anything else.  This was our place, out in the country when they'd come visit; this is where we'd have the fires.  Good times.  

Me, my cousin, A. and Nate.  Went skating one day; a lot of fun.  Dude, just.. don't judge the hair (I hesitated putting this one up).  I remember really feeling something for him this day.  I kept skating with him or near him :) 

Their mom was getting re-married (cropped out).  This is probably the most recent pic I have of him - a year before his death, in 1990 (passed in '91).  In the rest of this picture everyone is looking in the opposite direction, but Nate was looking at my mom's camera.  Not sure why.  Lucky chance, I guess.  I'm thankful.

And that's that.


hydra said...

Those photos must mean so much to you and bring back so many memories. What a tragedy. He seems to glow, to radiate. He was very special. No wonder you miss him so much.

Perovskia said...

Thanks for your words, Hydra :)
I can't tell you the beaming smiles I get when I look at these :)

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