Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Weekend in the Big City

I thought I would try to write about last weekend before this weekend came up.

Went to Toronto with a friend to see the Roger Waters concert (Roger Waters performing The Wall, Live).  He performed the entire movie/disc.  It..was..FANTASTIC.  Wow.  Just.. wow.  Love.  Him.  He had an actual wall built, which served both as a screen and of course, pertaining to The Wall, symbolism (it was made out of large cardboard, or some sort of paper) and naturally, it came down at the end.  I was so mad at myself; I forgot my phone in the hotel room (stayed at the Delta Chelsea), so I couldn't take any pictures.  My friend did, though, so I'll grab them from her.  The music was fantastic, the sound was fantastic, Roger Waters doesn't sound any different and HE was fantastic.  You can easily see how much of an anarchist he is.  I couldn't say enough about the show.  It's probably fair to say it was close to being sold out.

So on the way out of the show back to the hotel, we stop at the Fairmont Royal York because I have to use the washroom, I wasn't feeling well.  We notice a wedding is going on (er.. the party afterwards).  Keep in mind this is like.. I don't know.. 11 or so at night.  So we walk up to the board outside the room that lists all the invitees, their table numbers, etc.. and what's the first thing we want to do?  Crash the wedding.  Oh yeah.  We look at each other in contemplation.  "If we weren't wearing jeans," I said.  Totally should have.  Would have made for a great story, getting kicked out of a wedding... AT the Royal York.  Pfft.. besides, they'd be half-pissed at that point, who would've noticed?  :P

We walked everywhere that weekend and I calculated we walked over 20km.  No kidding ("No wonder we were tired," she said).  Indeed.  But, we hit up a few places; The Cookbook Store (for me) and I got to visit my 'ol buddy Tom at the army surplus (we used to work together).  I got to show her Queen St. W. Sunday, so we walked there.  We walked down Queen as far as Niagara St (w of Bathurst) and we hit a restaurant, Edulis, that was suggested to me by my (restaurant) boss.  Please, if you're in the area and you can afford to go... go.  It's a really cute place with fantastic people and a fantastic menu (French, Spanish influence).  We walked back via King and hit up MEC; I haven't been in YEARS.  Felt really good to be in again, though we didn't get far as it wasn't my friend's kind of store.  As it was, she rushed me to choose a pack I was looking over (later purchased; so glad).  We wanted to hit up the ROM or AGO, but we were running out of money.  Keep in mind we were in Toronto for 2 full days; that's a lot of eating out.  

All in all it was a good weekend, but it was nice to be home.  I like visiting the city, but I'm usually just as happy to leave.

So.. it's going to heat up today and over the weekend.  I hope you keep cool.  Do you have any Canada Day plans?  I don't have much planned for the weekend at all.  Hit me up.

Oi!  Did all you local yokels know about Market being open for a trial period on Wednesday nights (3-7?).  Not as many vendors, but the essentials are there and it's nice not to have the crowds.

Oh, everything at the restaurant is going well!  It's foreign to work in a place where you're a) well-liked and b) appreciated.  I love the busy-ness, the energy.  Sorry I haven't been updating, but things have been hella busy.  It's an adjustment for me working two jobs, especially when they're at opposite hours.  On a good note?  I've already been offered full-time in the fall :)  There are pros and cons with it and I'm not going to make any rush decisions.  We'll see how the summer goes.

Stay cool, cats.


hydra said...

Wow, what a trip! And the concert sounds brilliant! Glad the restaurant job is going well. Sounds like it could be the life for you, though it will mean big changes.

Perovskia said...

Thanks, I think it will too, Hydra. At least, I'm hoping.

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