Thursday, July 25, 2013


I haven't baked anything this week yet and I was starting to go through withdrawal.  Thing is, I wanted something simple to keep movement, etc low with the heat.  Enter kruid ("krowd") cake.

Kruid cake is a staple in Dutch homes.  I'm not sure how do describe the taste; sort of.. cinnamony.  I got this mix out of a Homecoming gift basket I got from a friend when I arrived....

I was pretty blown away.  She knows I love to bake and got me started in my new kitchen and it's helping me get familiar with some of their products.  

Anyways.. I'm making the kruid cake, but I'm going to touch it up a notch with maybe some whipped cream or vla.  Oh.. I haven't talked about vla yet.  

I have a new love.  And it is called vla ("fla").  

Vla is like a custard-type pudding.  I eat the non-dairy soy kind and it is FAB0U-LOUS.  W. has some "slagroom vla" (whipped cream vla) in the fridge, but I like mine better.  Oooh... maybe I'll put some of that with my kruid cake. 

The Dutch, btw, believe in having dessert after dinner.  Every.  Single.  Day.  While my tastebuds delight, my waistline does not.  This is going to be a challenge. Be forewarned if you ever visit; you WILL be stuffed with some sort of sugary-goodness post-feast :P

It won't let me upload pic of finished kruid cake, so it'll have to wait.  Sorry :)

I gotta get outta the heat.  



cb said...

What a great friend and gift1 It sounds like things are going well and what great weekend adventures you are having! I have so many questions about the differences or similarities of climate, altitude etc. but you seen to answer them while you blog so I just look forward to each of your entries.

Be happy and at peace dear friend and enjoy this new adventure.

Perovskia said...

Thanks, C :)
If there's anything I don't answer... don't be afraid to ask!

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