Thursday, August 29, 2013

My New Best Friend

I was on a bike ride the other night, picking blackberries (they're by the dozens along the Streets and open for picking; we make jam out of them) while W. was working late.  Along one of the roads we frequent is a field with 3 horses.  Every time I stop to see them, every time they seem disinterested.  This time my persistence paid off!  One of the horses came by, said hello and we were inseperable.  I scratched her head, then she'd bend down and I scratched her ears (she really liked that)'.  It was really funny, cause she'd move so I could scratch a different part of her; her neck, her belly... even her be-hind.. lol.  Then she'd go back to the face again.  Spoiled.  I was probably there for about an hour.  I'd talk to her and I'm sure she didn't understand a thing I was saying but she didn't seem to mind.  She'd just move around so I could scratch different parts. 

A lady arrived with a young girl and they came to walk one of the smaller horses.  We spoke for a bit and seeing how well this horse and I got along, she suggested I check out the riding school down the street.  I thanked her for her suggestion, though I'm not sure I will (not having money, for one, and I don't have much of an interest in riding).  Would I like to volunteer with them and get involved with something?  For sure.  Anything to get me out of the house more, at this point.  The horse and I really got along, so I'm quite curious. 

Well, whatever happens, this is my new friend.  I'd tell you her name, but I'm not quite sure how to spell it :/

She didn't want to stop and pose for me.
I'll keep going by to see her and say hi, if she's around.  We'll see how this relationship progresses :)


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hydra said...

What a lovely new friend to have! x

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