Monday, October 28, 2013


I wanted to write this post last week (a day after the last post, to be exact), but life got a little busy.  I still wanted to communicate a couple thoughts though, before moving on to the next post. 

The friend I spoke to after writing said email last week said to me that I was brave (moving here).  It's weird, but to me it's not a big deal/not something I feel 'brave' over, etc.  I never know how to respond to comments like that. I did what I wanted to do. 

What's brave to me is writing that last post.  Brave is baring all my emotions which could be open to judgement, ridicule or opinions I may or may not be ready to hear.  I was just thinking; it's funny.. in highschool I, okay, stood out a little (intentionally), but scholastically or emotionally I was never good enough, or I was always judged* and ended up hiding a lot of things I was feeling (which, in hindsight, lead to a period of heavy depression in my teens but I digress), where now I've evolved into a human who doesn't shy away from expressing my feelings and find it more freeing, than fearful. 

That day with the breakdown/breakthrough?  My day didn't end there.  I decided it was a good idea to spill soup on my boyfriend's computer.  That he uses for work.  That he's financially responsible for.  That had a large project due today.  I felt awful.  To say I panicked and freaked out, is an understatement. After a tearful text to a friend of his, he came over, pulled it all apart and we cleaned it up.  After reassembly, it's only the keyboard that doesn't work.  Phew.  I'll happily pay for a new keyboard replacement instead of a whole computer any day.  We have a plug-in keyboard for now.  Goodness; that day was just too much stress.

Now onto the next post!

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