Thursday, November 28, 2013


I've chosen a new background for the change of seasons and while this background is (conveniently) Dutch, it is not taken by me.  I hope moving forward to catch some decent area pics, but until then, I pull from the templates.

We have had absolutely no sign of snow yet - the opposite of what you're getting back home!  I miss snow.  Christmas isn't going to be the same without it.  Or winter, for that fact.  We've been in the single digits (below 10 but above 5 C) but it is still very cool; the air here is much more damp, usually with 90-100% humidity so I think it feels cooler than what it actually is. 

I am still asking for snow for Christmas :)


Ange said...

I'm still hoping for snow too. Whatever we get keeps melting, and only exists in places where the sun doesn't shine (and by that I don't mean my butthole;) It's supposed to be mild and rainy this week. Boo. Everywhere else has snow except the KW area.

Perovskia said...

How about if you get it first, you send some to me, and if I get it first I send some to you? :D

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