Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Jobs? What Jobs?

So.. I'm really not 100% happy with yesterday's post.  I had a mix-mash of thoughts/emotions and I couldn't quite get them out and be as articulate as I would have preferred.  Yet it was a start and I think it's helped force me make more decisions (mentally) about letting go of this 'protection dome' I've created around myself.  I really need to let down all my defences (eek!) and get more involved in life.  This is my silent battle.

Anyhoo, the point of this post was to show you what I'm up against for jobs.  I believe when I first got here I told you I wasn't accepted for a job due to my age. This poster in a floral shop at the station is a prime example. Click to enlarge.

It says, "We are looking for an enthusiastic sales person/flower arranger (for lack of better translation), for 20 hours a week, must live in Leeuwarden. Age +/- 16 up to 19 years. Interested? Contact... yada yada yada.. "
Bah.  It's all crap.  Everyone around here is used to it but I sure as hell ain't yet.  It's all about money. Just wanted to show you that so you see for yourself that I'm not crazy :) 
I'm heading to the gym after lunch, coming home, having a quick shower and heading to the retirement home after.  Wish me luck!


Nicole H. said...

Why do they specify age in job postings?? what is the issue with an older person applying?

hydra said...

My friend who's off to live in Hilversum next week is 60 and confident she'll find a job in a shop. Hmm... Now I fear for her chances!I do hope you'll find something soon. It must be really tough.

Perovskia said...

Nicole - Check the link (highlighted with blog text) for previous post/explanation :)

Perovskia said...

Hydra - Sorry, but I'm not so confident. I know someone not quite that age and she hasn't been able to find work in a couple years. They're not quick to hire older people, but I will think positive for her.

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