Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Emotions, Emotions, Everywhere

I haven't wanted to write about personal stuff for a while.  I've been working through some things (ugh..self work can be SO draining) and I just haven't felt in a sharing mood.  I feel my short-comings have been amplified and picked apart and judged (why is everyone so concerned with MY well-being lately?!  Honestly, I'm fine!  Or at least, I will be)... so I've been going into a sort of cocoon mode (I don't always want to talk about me!  Shocker, I know).  Besides, quietness grants more introspection.  Not always a bad thing.  When I need a time-out from my emotions, I know how to separate myself.

So.. let's talk about other stuff.  Health stuffs.  A lot has changed the past couple weeks.  After going off the antibiotics (only took half the prescription, they were making me *way* too sick otherwise) I also around the same time adapted a Gluten Free and reduced dairy diet (no more cows milk; now drinking almond milk, have very little cheese, but still eat yogurt every day).  Things I've noticed so far..

- decreased appetite (snacking has gone down)
- no sugar spikes
- in 12 days, a loss of 6lbs
- no cravings for breads at all (except a piece of toast.  I would KILL for a single piece of toast and butter)
- I'm medication-free aside from days/moments that I'm leery/want to do a preemptive (if I'm going out, etc)
- increasing fruits by far from previous intake, also veggies a bit

All in all, pretty damn good things!  The first few positives I've seen in a long time.  I'm going to try to use this motivation to get more walking in (so if you're local, hit me up) if I'm still feeling okay.  Especially with the nice weather.  Oh also, thanks to a talk with a friend tonight, I'm speculating I might have a sulphite sensitivity.  I'm going to test this moving forward; I'm interested to see.  Already, the theory has potential (as I look back at some of the things I've eaten and how I've reacted).  Will post more on this later.

Alright, keeping this short tonight.  Still recovering from tonight's endeavors and the Jazz Festival and Nuit Blanche last weekend (I lasted until 03:30 :) ).  Let me tell you, some of the BEST music is heard in back alleys or coffee houses in the wee hours of the morning.  For which I'm thankful.  I felt in my element.

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