Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gluten Free/Dairy Reduced... FAIL

Ugh.. I completely suck at this.  I mean, you have no idea.  I'm almost failing on a daily basis.  Not big things (usually), just little things mind, but still, a failure.  Tonight's dinner was a classic example; went out for sushi with a friend tonight (I've had mad cravings for it and I thought ahead - as long as I order my handrolls and sushi, I'll be fine, i.e - no tempura.  Mmm... tempura).  Anyways, I make my first order, start eating.  Oh hell.. soy sauce (has gluten in it, if you weren't aware).  Well, might as well keep going (poor mentality I imagine, I should have stopped) and tried to keep it at a minimum.  While I was at the soy sauce, I caved and had the tempura.  Sigh.  I'm hopeless.  Dude, don't judge.  Most days I'm okay, like 95% GF, but I find when I go out, I suck at it.  Even if I try to plan.  Even if I choose a meal that I don't think has gluten in it until after I get it (ordered a salad at the pub.. caesar, with a chicken breast on it.  What does caesar have in it?  You got it, croutons.  Epic fail.  Didn't eat them, but still).

So.. this whole diet change comes with a learning curve.  And discipline.  Lots, and lots of discipline.  That I don't have.  But... I'm honestly trying anyways.  A lot of other things I buy are GF; snacks, granola bars, stuff for breakfast, dinner at home, etc.  I've baked GF chocolate cupcakes (gross) with icing (Duncan Hines, which already comes GF, actually - and yum).

Anyways, just wanted to make a quick status update on the GF.  Going to bed early tonight.  Hella tired.  Having a close friend from out of town come visit tomorrow night and I can't wait.

Happy Saturday!  Don't do anything I wouldn't do ;)  (probably not a far stretch, compared to my GF adventures.. lol)

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