Saturday, May 26, 2012

I've Had Better Saturdays....

Hello Darlings.

To tell you I'm sitting with a scotch gives you an idea of how wonderful my day's been.  I didn't write that last line with a straight face; I sort of snorted :)  And hell, it's only 2 in the afternoon!

I left a message with my dentist yesterday (FYI - if you're local, don't have dental problems on a Friday; almost the entire damn city is closed of dentists.  While they're hitting the golf course or the cottage, I'm sitting in panic and agony, but I'm not bitter.).  They called me first thing this morning when they opened and we settled on a time for 11:30 this morning.  Thing is... it was last minute and we had to find coverage for me *last minute* during *lunch delivery*.  No pressure.  You can't just make changes to personnel during meal delivery in a hospital which can, at the best of times, be run like clockwork, and expect no upsets.  But.. they pulled it off.  If it's one thing I have to say about the team I work with...I don't always love them and some of them I damn well avoid, but boy do we pull together when we have to.  I'll give 'em that.  So we found coverage for me and I left early, getting half a shift in.

Got to the dentist's office and they took a look-see (and an x-ray, which almost had me in tears {small mouth, cuts into gums}) and they showed me why it's causing me discomfort.  Fair enough.  They are SUPER nice (and gentle) there.  Anyways, after some discussion and quotes, we decided I'm going to do a root canal (vs extraction) this coming Wednesday morning.  I really, really wasn't looking forward to having the tooth pulled because it's closer to the front and I'd have been very self-conscious about it.  In fact, I was having anxiety about parting with it at all (silly?).  Little did I know that after some paying ahead (to show good faith) and a bit of discussion about payment plans, the root canal is affordable.. and yay!  I get to keep my tooth!  I'm so happy!  Phew.

I'm going to go off on a tangent for a sec.  So I asked the girl while discussing $$$, how long I might be out of commission for a root canal.  She said I wouldn't be.  I looked at her funny and I'm like, "Come on...".  She said these days there's enough advancements that she had one guy in once who had TWO done and he left and went back to work!  Pfft, "Shut up!" I said (in a light-hearted, joking manner, of course.  Tone is lost here.).  She confirmed it.  Okay, now the pain after can't be all that good, but I suppose there's pain killers for that.  Anyways.. they didn't make a big deal of it and it seems to not be an issue.  I'm having flashbacks of a Doctor Who episode where one of the characters in Season One, when they were visiting a planet in the very far future (the last day of Earth) and he gets something implanted in his head.  He's expecting for it to be painful and not do well, but the lady (alien?) reassured him that he'd only be out for half an hour and wouldn't feel a thing.  Now, I'm not sure I'd want my forehead to open up to receive all the data/news of the world, but... maybe we're getting close, aye?

Picked up a prescription for antibiotics at the pharmacy and the pharmacist was SO nice.  I found him to have a very calming effect.  And here I am (with my scotch. Oooh.. in hindsight, I suppose I shouldn't be having while I'm medicated.  Oops.).  Anyways, I might go to Mass tonight.  Albeit tired and spent, it might be good for the soul.  Then I shall bake!  A Thank-You to my co-workers.

So I'm gonna rest now, and maybe read a bit, then go out.  I hope your Saturday is better than mine! :)  Sorry... I've really rambled today.  If you've read this far, I love you :)  You have quite the patience (or tolerance, however you look at it) and I appreciate any good thoughts you can send my way.  I'll be a bit anxious for Wednesday, but looking forward to having it over with.

Enjoy your weekend! :)

**edited for shitty spelling/grammar (what's wrong with me?!)


hydra said...

Oh, I do so sympathise! Hope the root canal does the trick and the dentist doesn't hit a nerve (all of mine did, that's why I kept changing dentists!). Best of luck and let us know how you got on.

Perovskia said...

Ack! I hope she doesn't either! Eek!

My health is made worse by the antibiotics. My stomach is a wreck :(

A few more days and it'll be over...

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