Friday, August 3, 2012

Ugh.. Kill Me Now..

Sick with a cold, in the middle of summer?  Seriously?  Seriously???  I don't think I've gotten a cold in the middle of summer in my life.  Thankfully I've been off the past 3 days to be sick/recover.  Sitting up, typing this to you now, is a bit exhausting.  I really don't know how I'm going to find the energy to go to work tomorrow.  If I had a proper working laptop, I could be typing this in bed.  *sigh*

What was I going to ramble about today?  Oh right.  My dear friend CZ is getting married in a week (plus 2 days).  A WEEK!  OMG!  IT'S SO EXCITING! :D  And... IS IT REALLY THAT TIME ALREADY??  I'm really getting stoked... partly because I've got this fabulous dress that is me but isn't me (in a good way)  (and when was the last time I dressed up??) but I'm totally going to rock it.  Or at least... try.  TMI.. but I just realized today I'll be PMS'ing and bloated while in this fabulous dress.  Man.  Not cool.  I'm trying to look great and all I'll feel like is a beached whale :P  Well, try to complement me anyways, I might need it! lol  Anyways, what's cool is I got *everything* for this outfit on sale.  And I'm totally girling it up next weekend.  I've scheduled a mani-pedi for the Friday (though I think I'll cancel the manicure; I can't wear nail polish at work and I'll have to literally take it off a day later. A bit of a waste if you ask me) and get an extended special pedicure.  And I'm getting my hair done up at the salon the morning of.  Woot.  Look at me go.  Take some pictures; this one's gotta last :)

I just found out on Facebook tonight one of the girls I went to high school/public school with's sister passed away today.  That was sad :(

Um.. I could whine about how all I've been doing is resting, trying to keep up with cleaning of house, more resting, how I have no energy to do *anything*.. but that's no fun for you to hear.  I've had the a/c on cause it's best curled up under the covers when you're sick, than sprawled out because if you move you sweat.  /whine

There was some other stuff I was going to ramble about.. but.. I don't even remember.  Which means it's probably time for bed.  I'm out..

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