Thursday, September 13, 2012

Deep Thinky Thoughts

Isn't it funny; we get what we ask for, but it turns out when we get it, it's not really what we wanted in the first place (or that the conditions aren't ideal or what have you).  It proves that we really don't know what we want and often we get over-zealous with anticipation, impatience and desire.  While there may be a few avenues that make us happy, often we have to pick one (because we're only one person and can't be in 5 places at once; at least, until human cloning is perfected).  We put so much stress on "that one" & worry constantly during the process if it's the right path.  But when we put aside the worry, the stress, the outside noise, the ego, the impatience... and have faith in whatever plan is about to unfold before us, before we know it, we're there *so long* as we remain open to the people and clues that come across our path as guidance.  And we're happy (usually?).

Is that enough waxing philosophical for you today?  Good.

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