Monday, September 10, 2012

Farmers Market?

In the beginning of October the gentleman (executive chef) who runs the cafeteria adjacent to our kitchen at work is hosting a Farmers Market for the hospital.  One has the option of getting a table ($20 fee, payable to ...something or other; some department or fund).  He suggested I do some baking and get a table and earn a few bucks.  

It's a nice idea and the income (post costs) would go towards what will now be called my Europe Fund.  I'm asking myself a lot of questions; what would I bake?  How can I keep costs low and income high?  Do I have the time and/or energy for this?  How do I decide prices?  Low enough to entice purchase but high enough to generate income.  

What are your thoughts?  What else should I be asking myself?  What would you do?  

I would definitely do some French Baking, and especially some Gluten Free stuff.  I'd rather not bake ahead too much and freeze, as it compromises the taste of the final product, though I might not have a choice.  I'm not going to do pies and stuff like that; they're too common.  Mind you, I might sell slices (or whole?) of something like my Raspberry Almond Clafoutis, Blackberry Butter Cake, Tart au Citron, things like that.  Cookies, maybe, but that might go under the GF category.  

I have to be careful because October will be here before I know it, so I'd have to decide fast.  Don't be afraid to throw any thoughts or ideas my way!  Thanks!

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hydra said...

I think selling slices is a great idea. It would attract more buyers as it's something people can eat on the spot. And the GF idea is an excellent one, too. As for prices... see what they sell for locally and pitch your prices between that and cost.

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