Sunday, February 17, 2013

Moving Forward

Goedenavond.  Hoe gaat het en met u? (Good evening.  How are you?)

Well, it's been a fail of a Lent so far (I wonder what 'fail' is in Dutch.. ).  I swore several times a day for the first few days, though I'm pleased so announce it's getting better.  And I ate meat last night.  D'oh.  But I've been successful in drawing every day, even if it's just adding to a current drawing (vs. starting a new one).

So... I decided to rent that room.  I made the decision a deliberate one, likewise for the email per giving my notice here.  That wasn't hard.. but it was...gosh.. I don't know what word to give it.  A turning point.  Once I sent the email, I broke into tears.  I sat back and thought of this place and all the purposes it served me; this apartment has let me grow into the person I am today.. and I'm pretty proud of who I've become and it's taken a lot of hard work to become that person.  This place has seen people come, it's seen people go.  Good things have happened here and very, very bad things have happened here (and once I realized that, I was happy to leave it behind).  I won't miss the 2 flights of stairs, the uneven floors, the noisy neighbours.  I will miss my neighbours across the hall and the ability to just be able to walk over when I'm out of a certain ingredient or need to borrow something or just knowing someone's there who's familiar.  In the new house I will look forward to a backyard (!) that backs onto the river (!) where there's DUCKS!! :D (Ducks make me happy.) and there won't be 2 flights of stairs to climb and it's in a nice neighbourhood (and for those who visit via auto - a 2-way street and parking!).

Whoops, I got sidetracked.
Right so, good/bad, coming/going.  Giving notice for my current apartment was the "there's no turning back" moment.  It was the, "this is getting more real by the day" moment.  It was the, "Oh my gosh this is really happening" moment.  It's, "I'm trusting W. with everything I have" moment.  It was scary and exciting at the same time.  And suddenly this whole thing became more real.  I don't just want to slowly 'jaunt' because-we're-going-slow into W.'s arms now, I want to *run*.  It's time.

Oh, and moving into this place also means giving up Babu sooner... which I can't think a lot about right now. And selling everything sooner than I expected (the room is furnished).  So yeah.

As of this coming Monday, 2 of the 3 pieces of paperwork I need will be returned to me.  I'm just waiting for one from The Hague, NL and off to the consulate I go... then it's the big wait.  That'll require a whole new set of prayers.

Well, this day can't get any slower.  I'm waiting for said friends/neighbours across the hall and we're heading to the Wooly.  Decided I'm going to have a late dinner there (spinach, beet, chevre and chicken salad, thankyouverymuch) seeing as there's not much food in the house.  That, or I'm being picky (entirely possible).

Hope y'all are having a good weekend!


hydra said...

Couldn't you get Babu a pet passport and take him with you?

Perovskia said...

No, I won't take him with me. The plane would be too stressful and I believe I'd have to quarantine him when I'm there. I don't have the money. Instead, he'll be going to a loving home, here :)

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