Thursday, May 9, 2013

For the Rest of You...

I forgot a couple of you don't have Facebook and haven't seen the date I announced for my departure.  Sorry 'bout that.  After the wrath that was Facebook happened, I just sort of had to take some time for myself for it to sink it and receive everyone's comments.

Leaving: July 3rd.

Yeah, it's soon.  About a month and a half.  I'd been keeping an eye on ticket prices and they were starting to rise $200+, so I had to jump at it.  And really, I just want to be there.  We're excited to start our life together.

I've received all sorts of comments; most great, a couple not so.  I get that it's difficult to process.  It is for me too, sometimes.  People are processing, "Oh, she's actually doing what she said she was going to do.  Wow."  Shock is the common response.  Given.  Still, I persevere and am trying to get things done on a daily basis that need to be taken care of; cancellations, closure of accounts, discarding items, organizing, etc.  I don't do well when there's a hundred things that need to be done.  I procrastinate.  A lot.

I shouldn't sit here too long.  There are things I need to get up and do (or not do and keep procrastinating) before sitting to talk to W. again before he goes to work.

Hope everyone's having a good week :)

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