Friday, April 22, 2016

On Turning 40

It happened.  It was bound to, I guess.  40.  It just sort of slipped in like a letter under the door.  There,  but in an unassuming, unabtrusive way, whether you want to acknowledge it or not.

I'm having a party tomorrow to celebrate with some friends (and W's parents).  Looking forward to it.  A few people cancelled last minute so I fear we have too much food to know what to do with, but... #firstworldproblems.

I've had a pretty good birthday month so far.  W. gave me the best gift of all - a private session to play the cello.  It's been on my Bucket List for a little while (okay, it was the only item on said list and the first time I've ever created the list) and I got to play one.  It was a complete surprise (and I'm hard to surprise!).  It was so great and I want to do it again!  Lessons would be awesome, though not affordable at this time.

I also got to volunteer with TEDx last week.  That was pretty awesome, too.  A very long and a very tiring day, but very, very enjoyable.  At the end of the day I even got to fill in for a participant who didn't show and sit in for a dinner.  I was at the table with 3 lovely gentlemen and the conversation was absolutely fantastic.  An evening I won't be soon to forget.

I don't have time to blog like I used to.  The starting of a business really eats my time.  Not that I'm complaining; I'm really enjoying it.  Okay, stressing out a little, but that's part 'n parcel to starting a business.  It's a 'fun' sort of stress, if that makes any sense.  You never know how many facets you have to think of, behind a business.  Website design (and writing content on said website, which takes for-ev-er), the "small print", marketing, liability and insurance, separate banking accounts, separate travels cards (in my case), having to record the time it takes to do *everything* so you can declare it to be eligible for the tax benefits that come to small businesses, sending out a few samples to spread the word, getting reviews for said product (or from previous family and friends), further development of business (future planning), getting professional photos of products for easier sell, learning a new tax system, learning a new tax system for businesses, and hey, while you're at it learn it in Dutch ONLY, testing new products for sale, then testing again, and so on, and so on.

It's an extraordinary new world.  You learn new things about yourself, that's for sure and I love that.  Abilities get pushed.  New knowledge learned.  My website will be live first of May.  Can post link at that time.  It's pretty much done now, barring any remaining translation (it's in English and Dutch) and finalizing of post and payment accounts etc. Once the website and launch is done, I'll be able to concentrate more on other avenues I'd like to take with my business. #vaguebooking

We're STILL waiting on a house.  This process is testing my patience.  I want to move NOW.

Okay, I gotta keep moving.  The joy of groceries must be had.  Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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hydra said...

Best of luck with the new business and I hope you find a lovely house soon!

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