Monday, November 1, 2010

Back.. With Pictures!

I don't think I've never posted for an entire week before.  Sorry.  More studying, more self-learning.  So.. to make it up to you, I'm going to add pictures today (that I've been meaning to post for weeks now).  (CZ - I'll have your USB drive for you this week, pictures uploaded.)

Enjoy!  Fall 2010.  Hope it brightens your day as winter is approaching us (we had snow for the first time yesterday!).  Please click them to make them bigger, they really do look better.

I was walking to JK's one day and caught this tree.  I love fall trees that have all the colours; red, green, yellow.  

The walk to work one day

As I entered the park on a walk, all I could hear was 'crunch, crunch, crunch'.  It was marvelous :)


I really love this picture when it's enlarged.  A sea of gold...

I was laying on the ground on a slight hill, enjoying the sun and I thought I'd look up.  I took a few other pictures, but then I found this guy.  I had to act fast.  A blue jay, I believe?

This and the next few were while I was laying on the ground.  I channeled my inner A. (Thanks A. :) ).

That's all for today.  Hope everyone has a good Monday!


hydra said...

What beautiful pics! I especially like the next to last one with its artistic arrangement of leaves.

bambi said...

You're becoming quite the photographer. I hope you share these and others with your local news channels as we do here in the States. They deserve to be on their sites! Thanks for always brightening my days.

By the way, looks like Estes has it's first snow of he season. The last snow of last spring was mid May so thought this one would pass us by. We seem to get most of ours in March - May.

It's so lovely. Wish I could show you pic's., but I'm slowly learning with an old cell phone. lol

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