Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Is Coming!

... and that means a lot of time at church. I just came back from choir practice.

We've got some fantastic hymns coming; Lent & Easter is so good for that.  We're singing the Hallelujah again (remember the Hallelujah?) Easter Sunday morning (I love this video of it; the singers drive me nuts, they barely move (which is proper) but Andre Rieu is like, the best conductor evar).  Can't go wrong with the Hallelujah :)  Another one I want to introduce to you is Lacrymosa, we're singing it Good Friday service.  I searched YouTube high and low and I like this version the best; it's clear and you get a good 'feel' for it.  I don't quite sing it great, but I really do enjoy it.  Another one is Pange, Lingua, Gloriosi; it's a Gregorian chant; really nice to listen to.  I can just smell the incense (the priest lights) whenever I hear that song.  I can't find Jean Racine's Cantique in English anywhere online so this is the link to the original French. Our tenors are fabulous with this song.

We are singing a lot of songs over the next few days, but these are the ones that really take a lot out of us (in a good way - we enjoy singing them!).  I hope you've found the time to peruse them and have enjoyed them also.

It's late, so bed time for me.  Until later!


hydra said...

Happy Easter, Perovskia. I shall listen to those hymns with pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Dude...the soprano part of the Lacrymosa is HARD. As much as I miss being at COOL right now, and as much as I love Mozart's requiem, I do NOT miss trying to sing the SOP part of it!

Enjoy the HECK out of "Praise the Lord, All you Nations" for me. I miss all of you like crazy, and I'll see you next week!


Perovskia said...

Hydra - Thanks! You too!!

Wendy - Sop part IS hard! And we sang it right at the beginning and I'm like, dude, I'm not warmed up yet. So I sang it shitty. There's a couple measures I can't sing (I can't do E/F+).

Do I like Praise the Lord All You Nations? I can't think of the tune right now. I think I do. I'll sing it just for you :)

We miss you, too! See you next week!

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