Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Health Stuffs

I have a lot to catch up on, and no time to do it.  I can haz more time nao, plz?

I had my 3-month check-in with the G.I last week and I felt really good coming out of that visit.  The meds I'm on are helping more than they're not (the lack of perfection and minor side-effects are tolerable).  We discussed the possibility of using an antibiotic that's specially geared to targeting certain bacteria in the gut and rids of it.  I've heard about this before and was both intrigued and cautious.  He gave me a script for it but I want to do more research before I take it (for 10 days).  I'm very, very leery; I work in an environment that is plagued by various diseases and illnesses, but the most highly publicized C. diff recently.  I DON'T want ANY chance of getting that - I couldn't handle it on top of my already-occurring condition.  I'd have to be diligent with hand-hygiene, but at the same time we're human and things are or can be missed.  I would take a high-strength probiotic which would help a lot.  I wouldn't take it without it.  I expressed my concerns with the pharmacist and he understood what I was asking but had no concerns, citing this is one of the antibiotics with the least-range of side-effects, and how often this particular antibiotic is prescribed.  (Well duh, how the hell do you think C. diff is acquired? *smacks hand to forehead*)

Anyways, he gave me the prescription, knowing I prefer not to medicate (I agreed).  He spoke about how studies are being done the past few months and they're not quite sure how long to take it.  People will take it, they'll get better, they'll stop said med, and get worse again.  Well, with an antibiotic you can't keep taking it.  Heavens, it can't be good for the body.  So I don't quite understand that.  I'm still doing my research.  Then he says at the end, "Would you like to meet with a Dietitian?"  I exclaim with a boyant, "HELL YES!".  Pfft.. he kept talking after that and I wasn't even listening.  All I said was, "You don't have to ask twice".

Sigh.  It's all I ever wanted.

I also thought I'd have to wait forever for it.  Nope.  Just a week and some.  I can't wait.  Prayers have been answered. So we exited the appointment with a few laughs and I was on my way.  I'm lucky that he's so personable and easy to talk to.  I lucked out, there.

So... I don't think there's much else, health-wise, anyways.


Bix said...

You're going to see a dietitian? That's great!

Your healthcare system is great up there.

Perovskia said...

I'm stoked.

Ha, it's not always great. Months of waiting times to see a doc, weeks sometimes for results. Bah. I'm lucky because his office is paying for it. Very thankful.

Bix said...

Do you pay to see a dentist?

Perovskia said...

Yes, we all do. Unless of course, you have benefits.

hydra said...

Does a dietician over there also act as a nutritionist? If so, that could help enormously. Our health care system is like yours. Basic things are free (scripts aeen't unless you're on benefits, over 60 or pregnant) but if you don't want to wait forever, you have to pay to go privately, which is what I did this morning. And dentistry is not free. I pay an insurance each month which covers most things but not crowns or bridges. Hope that dietician appointment comes through soon!!!

Perovskia said...

I believe they're one and the same; though note dietitians have to be regulated/certified, nutritionists do not. I can call myself a nutritionist because of health care and diet views and applications, coaching, but not a dietitian as you have to have your Masters.

See, and we've debated the two-tiered system (pay to go private, less waiting time) and it's caused so much kerfuffle. They do it out in Alberta and it seems to work for them. Others have the viewpoint, "Why should someone with more money get better care than me, when we both deserve it just as much?" It's a tough debate and I'm not sure where I stand just yet.

I have the appointment this Thursday!

Bix Weber said...

I meant to ask ... What did the dietitian say? Did he or she recommend more or less protein/carb/fat? Fiber? (The consultation was for IBS, yes?)

Perovskia said...

It's coming, have patience :)

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