Monday, November 14, 2011

Friends, Babies and Poi

So I'm happy to have a low-key day today 'cause I'm recovering a bit from a fantastic weekend.  Saturday was a bit muted but got together with a couple friends in the afternoon and went out for dinner.  Sunday was full of win from beginning to end.  I pulled off a challenging song Sunday at Mass then went out for breakfast. Got home and not long after Ange came over.  We haven't seen each other in a while (we seem to go in spans of 'forever') but we never have problems catching up; what I like about visiting with her is, the "catching up" doesn't HAVE to necessarily deal with everyday schtuff.  I mean sure, it comes up, but it's brief.  It's nice.  So we visit and head out for dinner to a vegetarian place in town (I became more familiar with it when I went veggie for Lent and she's full vegetarian, so... ) and had a great meal.  But what does she bring me this time?  A disc with fantastic music and a quick lesson on spinning poi.  Yeah, that's right, poi! (Except, I don't spin fire poi, thankyouverymuch).  I won't say no to the fire poi, just definitely not yet :)  So after dinner we headed home, a girlfriend of mine from work came over, chatted and the three of us headed over to another friend of mine's place for poi practice (more room/ceiling height).  I didn't think I'd participate, but upon picking it up (rather naturally, I'm told), I've found it's a nice outlet.  What a workout for your arms, it's fantastic.  It's kind of funny how the mind and arm don't always want to connect.  Your mind envisions it, but the arm can't execute it.. and it makes you left feeling rather fumbled.  But no less determined, mind; you instinctively want to keep trying.  I got myself a couple of times really good, but oddly no bruises to show for it today. So we hung out there for a bit.  I went to bed last night pleasantly exhausted.

This morning I bought tickets for Roger Waters performing The Wall, Live.  And if you don't know who Roger Waters is, well, I'm not sure we can be friends :P  This man's music lived with me through high school and got me and took me places in my mind I didn't know existed (and no, I wasn't always high, thankyou :P).  Concert is next June in Toronto.

Spoke with my brother's girlfriend this morning; she's due in a month and I can't wait.  I'm going to have a nephew!  I'm already blessed with a niece so this will be a nice addition.  After said conversation it occurred to me I'm the only sibling without a child now.  Eeeeexcelllent.  Another reminder of my ever impending single status. Moving on....

Not much else to write about today.  In an effort to save money, I'm ditching my land line and upgraded my cell and got on a plan this weekend.  Except, it turns out I'm not saving much money at all. *sigh*  Technology is funny that way.  But I's gots a fancy new phone :)  (The Samsung Galaxy S2)  I really think at this point I have a problem with compulsions to buy new electronic gadgets.  I suppose there are worse things....

Well, a bit more to do today that I planned so I'm gonna go.  Might go over to Jack's later to spin poi again; she's got the ceiling height I don't.

Hope everyone had a good Monday.


A said...

Blogger is eating my comments. Cursed blogger.

Ha ha! You're hooked on poi!


Perovskia said...

You're not having a good day today, are you?

*beats up my Blogger*

lolz.. you got me hooked on poi. Ugh.. so many hits tonight. I have to purchase shin pads :P Ow.

And I haz a headache tonight.

hydra said...

I have no idea what poi is/are. I shall have to look it up! Sounds fun though. However, I DO know who Roger Waters is!

Perovskia said...

Did you look it up, Hydra? :) It's fun :)
And well, I would expect YOU to know who Roger Waters is, so, we can remain friends :P

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