Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Farmer's Market to... Pastry Chef?

Well, I'm happy to report today was a success.

....At least, as far as successes go.  I count anything as a profit a success, so by my standards, I wasn't asking much.  Whatever I made I considered a bonus; I'm doing what I enjoy.  Now, I was anxious as hell for getting my baking out in the public for the first time, I'm not gonna lie.  You know when things just sort of...roll in succession and happen naturally and fall into place?  That's what this was.  It was suggested I put in a table, I automatically made business cards without thinking much about it and baked my ass off for 3 days.  I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about things or deliberating if this is what I should do.

Now, having said that, I know what I would do differently next time.  I need to get on the ball more and I'd make a few changes.. but that's a learned experience and all hindsight now.  I'm making notes for next time (I need a designated notebook!).

The weather was.. tolerable.  It was drizzly today and damp - so the girls and I were a bit chilled to the bone.  I should have a bath tonight; that's a sure remedy.

There were 2 girls at a table next to me who took care of the produce (there was a lot!) and they were super nice.  In fact, one of them is a manager at a boutique grocer down the street and suggested I look into getting my product in there (did I just hear myself say someone wanted me to sell my stuff in a store.. professionally?).  I'll keep her as a contact.  Also, the manager for the cafeteria in the hospital would like to sell my items at Christmas (wow!), but we're not sure if that's feasible yet.  I'm not a registered business for all this so it poses problems - but not impossible ones.

I sit back and look at my life as it stands and... I'm so happy and so thankful.  You and I know I've wanted things to turn around for a long time now.  And if you really know about things, you know I worked hard for this and it's about damn time.  I don't feel bad saying I deserve this (something I never would have been able to say in the past; I was a different person then).

How do I feel now besides happy?  Tired as hell.  I'm exhausted.  I can barely keep my head upright.  Baking over a hot oven for 3 days and socializing for one & trying to make an adequate impression and future contacts, takes a lot out of a girl.  And apparently I'm doing this again in November!?!

Well, I'm going to take a night for myself and get to bed early (back to reality - work!).  I can't leave without saying thanks to you for all your support.  And you know I can't leave without thanking the Big Guy upstairs.  Last but never least, W.; I hate to sound cliche but my rock and my strength.  Without your love and support (and endless patience for my craziness; God love you) I wouldn't have had the strength for today.  You are my life.

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