Monday, October 29, 2012


Yeah... so... hi.

Been a while, I know.  I think this is how it's going to be for a while.  I apologize in advance.  My distractions have been elsewhere and I hope to do a bit of explaining just where they've been.  I'm quite tired though (is it sad I'm this tired at 8:30 at night?), so forgive me for keeping this short.

My new love is treating me well.  So well, that it's most of the reason I haven't been here to talk to you.  We are in a habit now of Skype'ing every night (which is a luxury I'm daily thankful for), for either an hour.. or four.  It's nice and it makes me happy :)  Every day I'm learning something about him and it makes me smile.  I'm a very lucky girl to find someone so understanding, patient and loving.  It's nice to be accepted *with* your faults (not despite them) and encouraged to grow in them.  Yup, he's a special one.  I still don't want to say too much publicly for now, but all you need to know is things are going very, very well :)

Which is why I'm tired at night and shut down early.  After our talks (which can end anywhere from 5:30pm to 8-8:30) I'm done.  I've committed energy to Skype'ing which is a bit more involved than an actual in-person visit because special attention is given to shitty connections (across an ocean, of course) and making sure you hear everything the other says, if not repeat.  We also talk about a lot of in-depth things, so that also takes attention.  So after our calls, I don't feel like doing much else.  He's gone to bed (he's 6 hrs ahead) and I have an hour or three to get my stuff together for the next day.  Which means not writing you here :(  But I haven't forgotten about you!  I promise I'll write anytime something comes up.

Like bake sales!

I'm entering yet another table at work of my baked goods.  It's an annual November Fair we have that's mostly a craft show, but some people put in food items.  I'm stressing with what to make, how much to make (it's very high traffic).  I have a good idea, but not everything is finalized and it's driving my OCD a bit nuts.  I know I'm a last-minute person, but this is crazy.  Anyways, the sale is this Friday (eek!) so wish me luck!!

I started the fourth season of Doctor Who (newer series; the tenth Doctor) tonight.  Exciting :)  Enter: Donna.

Can't think of much else to tell you.  Babu is doing well and driving me nuts on a daily basis.  I've been mostly healthy aside from usual tummy-troubles made worse from a virus a couple months ago.  When you already have a weak system, it takes so long to bounce back from something like that.  I'm almost ready to throw in the towel.  Dude, if you have a healthy digestive system...BE THANKFUL.

I hope everyone is doing well.  I think of you, even if we haven't spoken in a while.  Once the craziness subsides, I will be in touch.  These days, I feel overwhelmed on a daily basis and it's almost getting to be a little too much, yet I can't think of a way ahead or how to dig my way out.  I said last Christmas winter will quiet down and I'll finally be able to get to mundane things that I once liked doing.  So far?  It hasn't stopped.    In a year.  Is this how life is now?  Where did I go wrong?  Did I go wrong?  How have I committed myself in so many ways that I'm leaving nothing left for...nothing?


That's what tonight was for; Doctor Who lets me chill out for an hour.  Did I feel guilty the entire time because I know there's things I need to be doing?  Absolutely.  And I ignored it, cause, I need to stay sane, yo.  So.. I chilled.

Me, lately, in a nutshell.

P.S - How have I not had a Doctor Who tag?!  Now, a Doctor Who tag.  Just 'cause.


cb said...

I'm soooo happy you're happy. Hopefully the overwhelmingness will pass soon. Good luck on the bake sale. Wish I could sample some of your delicious sounding goodies!

Perovskia said...

Thanks C. :) I'm happy I'm happy, too :)
Ugh. I really hope it does. But it hasn't for a year, so.. what am I doing wrong? I don't have time for the simple things anymore and it's frustrating. I don't know the last time I sat down to just.. read something!
I wish you could, too! I think you'd like them :)

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