Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's Heeeeere... (Farmer's Market)

Hey folks.  Sorry I've been AWOL; life is changing pace and I'm doing my best to keep up.  My attention these days lies elsewhere (the new love is treating me very well, btw; I couldn't be happier!) and I'm doing my best to balance everything.

Well, that time went by fast, didn't it?  This coming Wednesday is the Farmer's Market we're holding at work.  Turns out there's not many of us, only 3 or so tables (but they're very large tables) and I was not quite volentold.. but.. coerced into putting my baking for sale (it turns out it didn't need much arm twisting).  I decided to go for it and put any sales towards my Europe Fund, as stated.  What the hell, right?

Well, it's caused me a bit of stress.  First I messed up the days and got that wrong, so it took 2 days off of planning that out (same questions as before; what will I make?  Will I have enough variety?  Will I produce enough?)... and ever since last night, I've been baking when I'm not at work.  Thankfully I have tomorrow off, so I will finish it all up then.  Oh right, and I'm entering my French baking and gluten-free baking as previously decided.  I've never put my baking out in public before, so I'm very anxious.  It's one thing to please friends, it's another to please a stranger.  But.. we'll see what happens.  Think positive!

Well, I'm going to keep this short cause um... time is money.  I need to clean up between cookies in the oven and I might even refrigerate some dough and do the rest in the morning.  I'll keep you posted!

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hydra said...

Hope it all goes well and that people buy loads of your baking and love it! Let us know how the day went, won't you?

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