Monday, July 26, 2010

Pictures, As Promised

Sorry it took so long.  Loading these pictures takes a while, which is why it's not done right away.  I finally had a quiet night.  Hope you enjoy!

My mom's cat, Storm.  He is quite a character, this one.


Notice the size of the two koi amidst the goldfish.  For comparison, those goldfish are maybe 3 inches.  The koi are almost the size of bloody trout.  Click to embiggen.

Mom's pond.  Always the gardener.

At Mackinac.  This is looking across the river at the Port Huron, MI shore.

The boats with the flags were cool.  I have no idea what they symbolize/what their purpose is.

The boats heading out to sea towards their goal.

Some teams dress alike.  It's fun to see.

Freighter, anyone?  The back of it is painted in big, white letters, "Montreal".

One sees all sorts of odities during Mackinac.  Yes, you are seeing someone in costume at the wheel :)

People lined up along the waterfront.  That's just one side.  If I go in the opposite direction, they're lined up there, too.  It's quite the event.

I would like this little yacht, please... 

....and this one... 

....and this one... (the main one in the middle, white/wood combo)

Even a catamaran made it out.  Some boats are just out for the fun.

The Bluewater Bridges.

Looking up!

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hydra said...

Fascinating photos! Makes me feel as if I've visited there myself. Your mom's pond is so like my boyfriend's, with the Kois amongst the goldish. He has 4 large Kois and about 30 goldfish of varying sizes. And some frogs!

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