Monday, July 5, 2010

Since I Can't Clean....

The water's been shut off for whatever unknown reason, so I have to take a break from some cleaning.  Thought I'd throw a few pictures your way since it's been a while.  You can always click them to make them bigger.

I wish I was joking, but the proof is in the picture; he did this himself.  I told you he likes to sleep under the covers!

Awww.  And he didn't even mind me taking his picture.  Yes, he has a (pseudo) diamond-studded 'B' on his pseudo black leather collar.  He's cool enough for a little bit of bling.

Zzzzz.  As you see, he doesn't do much else (sorry the picture is grainy, not sure what setting I had it at).

I ran across this fellow on my way home from work one night this week.  

He was collared, but his fur wasn't very well taken care of, lots of mats :(

Random Babu shot on the counter.

.... because every now and then you just need to sit in the tub.

As I was walking along..... 

...and found some ducks!

There's mom., two, three, four... Oops, you're out of sync!

Looking down stream.

This is momma.  She was real close, with the babies.. about a meter away!  She kept an eye on me the entire time, but didn't seem to feel threatened.

Symphony in the Park

Well, that's quite a lot, but it catches me up to the pics I've taken the last little while.  Hope you enjoyed :)


Bix said...

I've decided I'm going to take more naps.

Bix said...

Okay. The tub one was funny.

Perovskia said...

He does make himself to look quite comfortable, doesn't he :)

Christian! said...

Those pix of the stream are really good, Jody. I like those.

Perovskia said...


Bix said...

Just checking in...

By the way, that black cat is a little matted as you said, but very beautiful!

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