Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Glorious Morning

First I don't blog for a week, then I blog every day.  I guess that's how it goes.

I got up a bit earlier than usual today (04:41 to be exact) and felt awake.  I knew if I went back to sleep I'd feel worse, so I stayed up.  I laid in bed, though, with my eyes closed and just thought about things.  I had some weird flashbacks of my childhood; things like singing in the main foyer of my public school with my Grade 4 (class and) teacher.  Or running errands downtown with my mom and seeing my Grade 2 teacher behind the library (when I was around 12, you couldn't get my head out of a book).  Why I was having these memories was beyond me.  Then I remembered a dream I had; JC had to go to the hospital and I went with him (the semantics of if I was already with him or if I had to purposely take him is lost).  I remember the staff, the stretcher, the waiting room, the doctor (none of it real-world familiar - it was all made up in dreamland).  I remember we were waiting for a doctor, then all of a sudden the doc had come and gone and I have a feeling I was left waiting without him, he'd already left.  Not entirely unresembling real-life feelings.  Random.

My alarm went off and I got up with my usual morning routine.  Wasn't feeling too bad this morning and left for Mass.  Walked down the street, crossed the lights and stopped dead in my tracks (I'm sure some people must have thought I was nuts).  Wait.  It's Thursday.  There's no morning Mass on Thursdays.  But, there wasn't evening Mass, either.  So that must mean it's at noon.  But I couldn't quite remember as I forgot to look at the schedule before I left the house (there's a different Lenten Mass schedule and I remember doing the same thing last year).  So I started to turn back.  Then I stopped again.  (Heh, if you're starting to worry if I'm losing it, you're not alone :P)  I ended up thinking that I'd go anyways since it's such a nice morning and have a walk, so I turned back around.  If there was no Mass, I'd keep walking, if there was, great.  So I got to the top of the hill (I'll take a picture of this for you some day) and as I suspected, no Mass.  So I kept walking.  Took the back way home (out near your neighbourhood, JK) and enjoyed nature.  The cardinals are out in full swing!  It's fabulous.  Oh, but the Canadian Geese are back and I swear this bird is the bane of my existence.  You don't understand my hatred for this bird (well I'm very sorry! but I almost got attacked by one at work!)  I had a very friendly, very vocal short-haired tabby say hello on my route.  He let me pet him for a bit :)  It was nice to have some quiet to just walk and think about things.  Oh how I miss the luxury of just being able to walk for hours.  My sugar was dropping as it was and needed to get back.

And here I am talking to you :)  The sun has been out and I think today's going to be fabulous.  Sadly I missed picking up a shift because I told a friend I'd watch her kid.  I didn't want to leave her stuck, so I kept my word.

Well, I think I'm going to catch up on some reading.  I'm 3 issues behind on my Canadian Business.  Tsk tsk. I know some of you are travelling today, please be safe.  And some of you are starting (theatre) shows, break a leg! (and sorry I can't come!)  And if you're working, don't forget to smile.  Wherever your Thursday takes you, be sure to have a happy one.

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