Friday, March 25, 2011

I Broke It

I broke my Lent.  I had bacon today with brunch.

And it was glorious.

To be fair, today's a Feast day, so if I understood CZ yesterday, I am allowed.  I wanted to try it, really, because my stomach has not been doing well still, for the past couple weeks and I've been wondering if it's per lack of protein.  Today I'll make a heavy protein day and see what happens (so far it's been positive!).  I've already had half my usual protein.  CZ reminded me that sometimes we do things for ourselves even though we have the best of intentions of doing it for ourselves or for other people (me: giving up meat for dietary reasons, dedicating it to T.) but perhaps what I needed to give up was my pride (realizing I may not be able to go without meat because it's hurting my system too much.  Did any of that make sense?).  That was a hard pill to swallow (what? I'm human to a fault).  Today had been 16 days without meat.  If today continues to go well, I'll have to experiment if I can keep high protein without meat and have the same results, or if I will in fact have to program meat back in.  We'll see!

What else do I need to write about...

I'm finally starting to detox, de-stress and relax.  Of course, the time I do this, my vacation week is almost over and it's back to work Monday.  I will do my best to adapt to a laisez-faire sort of attitude and relax with what time I have left.  There might even be baking today!

Yesterday was nice catching up with a couple of friends I haven't seen in a while, and brunch with one today. I wonder if that's what started to help me unwind - human connection.  Good 'ol girl time.

Today will be filled with bookkeeping and finances.  I need to get my taxes done and do some budgeting and figure out what I really can afford to take on as far as vehicular expenses go.  Wish me luck.

Doctors.  Bloody, bloody doctors.  I hate them all.  I went to see my obgyn yesterday to discuss screening for endometriosis (per my app't with the GI thinking we may need to investigate that).  Well, she doesn't go "looking for it" and she threw me in the classification of "well, everyone has pain during their cycle" and "everyone's bowels are affected by their cycle".  Really?  I must not be the same cause when I gave her an analogy of the pain I'm having, she was a bit taken aback.  So, I can see this is going to go well.  Can you imagine?  My IBS as a result of stupid endometriosis?  The con: treated with hormones, which I DON'T want.  Anyways, I can rant forever about this and I don't want to right now, so... sorry 'bout that.

Canada will be going into election territory in May.  We're displeased.  The current government is toppling and we don't want Mr. Harper in power anymore, yet no one wants to go to the polls (they're far too frequent here, I fear).  So this will be interesting.

Well, daylight's burning so I better get my shit done.  It's Friday!!  For some of you, that's a blessing, for those who work this weekend, sorry :(  Hang in there.  It's sunny here (though very cold), so try and enjoy the day!


hydra said...

I have never heard of bowels being affected by your monthly cycle. I used to get pain, but that was the ovaries, I think. And I used to get migraines, but never stomach ache. I'm sure there must be another reason. Have you been examined for endometriosis? My daughter has it and she gets bad pains every month. Hope they can find out the reason...

Perovskia said...

Sorry I'm late getting back to you, Hydra.
Never heard of that, eh? I feel my ovaries, too. I haven't been examined for endometriosis - that's what I went to her for, but she didn't want to. So, I don't know what to do now.

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