Monday, March 19, 2012


There's a guy with a business downstairs that sells furniture from reclaimed wood, so it's very ecologically-minded.  I prefer furniture with character anyways, so I love the products in his showroom.  He had this.. rack, we'll call it.. in the front window.  Think like a bakers rack.  Hand-made, welded, with barn board.  Now, it's a bit rusty (I'm not sure if it's iron or steel) but not enough to turn me off.  He gave me some steel wool if I wanted to try to remove some.  I haven't decided yet.  I sort of don't mind it and think it adds to it being rustic. I got it for a helluva price and we brought it up this afternoon (FYI.. I will not enjoy moving it out).  I'm posting before and after pics.  I'm guessing the 'after' will not stay that way; it may become a dumping ground for.. who knows what.. and it gives me another surface to store things.

Isn't it beautiful?  Now, I thought if I wanted to remove the wine bottle holders it would be an arduous task and would have to get my father to do some welding, but it seems they just screw out!

Draped with linens and candles.  I've used the bottom shelf as storage for an ornate candle holder and some black decor boxes.  Now, if you have other suggestions for the wine bottle holders, I'd be glad to hear them; otherwise, I may remove it.  


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