Monday, March 19, 2012


It's been a pleasant weekend, weather not excepted.  Walks were had (when feeling well enough, which has not been very often lately), spring cleaning has begun and Babu's shedding like a fiend so I've brushed him... twice.  Thankfully he loves it and it's an easy task.

It's nice to sit here and hear the birds again.

With said spring cleaning, there has been furniture re-arranging.  I didn't think it was possible (in livingroom) because it's not very big and I'm wall-to-wall with stuff already.  But, low and behold, a slight change and all is well.  I'm going to be a bit cramped more than usual because I've made a new purchase.  It'll be stuck in a corner but still takes up some space.  I plan to move out this year anyways, so I don't mind feeling cramped for a little while longer.  If I start to go a little loco, you know why.  Be forewarned, there may be "Not enough space, I need out NOW" venting.

I came across a couple of websites today which may or may not be of interest to you.  If you partake in Gluten Free baking, check out Gluten Free Goddess's post of Gluten-Free Baking Tips & Substitutions.  I also list her on the main page of my blog here, if you'd like to follow all her other regular posts.  I also came across "15 International Food Etiquette Rules That Might Surprise You".  A good read (i.e - when you go out for sushi, don't rest your chopsticks upright in your rice, representative of funeral traditions).  And last but not least, there's a quick-read article on Michael Ignatieff's view on politics, which is quite accurate.  Politics is dirtier than ever now and to make it worse, minister's have very little freedom at Question Period and everything is scripted.  Is this what we've come to?  What happened to freedom of speech?  Is 'democracy' an oxymoron now?  Harsh words.

Went for breakfast today at (new) potential job location.  The incidental meeting with the owner went very, very well. Keep hoping!!

Choir is still going well and we rocked it today.  We have a big (big!) evening coming up this Thursday.  I don't remember if I've mentioned this or not already, but Archbishop Collins (Toronto) was accepted to become a Cardinal (so is now Cardinal Collins) and he's from our very own parish, so we'll be doing a celebratory Mass (prayer evening? I don't know what we're calling it) Thursday night.  It'll be televised!  Eek!  We've been practicing lots for it, but wish us luck! :)

I'm going to take it easy the rest of the night and dive into the last? second last? Diana Gabaldon book in the Outlander series, "An Echo in the Bone". I'm not sure yet if I want to read The Scottish Prisoner.  Oh, btw, there's a special 20th Anniversary Outlander book.  I WANTS.

Enjoy your Sunday evening :)

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