Saturday, March 17, 2012


A few things on my mind today.  I hope I can stay awake enough for you to write about them all :)  I'm going to make myself a tea or hot chocolate first....

I picked hot chocolate.  Cause... I want chocolate.

Work was pretty good today.  No wait, let me back up... last night's dinner.  Last night's dinner was fantastic.  I mean, simple enough, but yummy.  Chickpea mushroom burgers with a side of tomato salad (I just cut up tomatoes, cucumber, tossed in a raspberry vinaigrette and threw in some feta) with a dollop of tahini.  And.. I had it without the bun..cause of the whole GF thing.  There will be some modifications made; not making many intentional vegetarian dishes, it.. lacked something.  Where you would get a fuller flavour from meat (the fat), flavour had to be derived from somewhere else.  So I added a few herbs, a bit of olive oil.  Still not enough.  My (veggie) neighbour suggested oregano.  Can do.  Also more filler (bread crumbs, which is challenging because I'm trying to keep gluten low or non-existant, so if y'all figure out an ingredient that can act as a binder, then, have at 'er; I'd like to hear it).  I took a picture, but it doesn't at all look as good as it tasted.

Right, so this morning.  For all the times I complain about work, there are days like today that just make me smile.  For instance, the scenery *cough*highlyattractivedoctors*cough*.  That is all :)

I went to church tonight for Stations of the Cross and Mass.  To my surprise, CZ and her fiance NS showed up.  I was a bit fidgety tonight but made it through.  When we were sitting there, I had a great (random) memory; a few years ago (I'd say about.. 3-4) there was a time we would all go to Mass and sit together.  And I mean, there would be several of us crammed in the pew (crammed! but that was okay cause it was fun like that).  And that would be 60 minutes of my week where I wouldn't be happier.  Then we would go out for breakfast after (easily taking up a couple tables) and talk and tell stories and laugh.  We would learn each other's idiosyncricies with fooooood (I'm looking at you, AR) ;)  But now... time has passed... lives have gotten busy... people have or are moving away (for school or marriage or seminaries)... and we grow apart a bit.  I don't think it's any representation that we think of each other less, there are just... different priorities.  Life happens.  These people, from the onset of my time at the church, have accepted me into their group and I have felt forever at home and thankful.  Thanks for listening to me reminisce :)  You know, I'm thinking we need to have a reunion.

There was an article in the paper about soaring popcorn prices at the theater and how people more and more are smuggling food in (can you blame them?).  The price is highly inflated and keeps getting higher.  It was an interesting fact to learn that when theaters get a 'loan' of the movie, they're charged anywhere from 80% to 100% (i.e Star Wars) of the movie ticket price.  Mind you, that percentage is for say, the first week, and the longer a movie is in theaters, the more that percentage goes down.  So.. they have to make their money somewhere.  It's understandable why they jack up the prices of everything else.  Some people support this of course, and some people don't, choosing to vote with their wallet (by not going or not paying for said items).  (Facts compliment of The Globe and Mail).

An old friend of mine I knew 16 years ago got in touch with me a couple weeks ago - from Norway (I have a lot of overseas friends, what can I say?).  It's been a good time catching up.  We still seem to have a lot in common (more than I had realized) and it's nice to have him around again..

The no-swearing campaign for Lent is going relatively well, a bit to my surprise.

The search for the perfect next-home is on a stand-still.  For now.

I was looking on for hotel prices in Toronto this weekend for a possible overnight stay, and some of the hotels (and prices) I saw were amazing.  The Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto was listed (for a measly $395 a night).  Dude, you have to look at this hotel.  I'm not necessarily a materialistic person (even though I enjoy good taste and quality, don't get me wrong) but dang.. I wanna stay here for a night.  And for that price, I think they should be including breakfast.  Just sayin'.  Now, the InterContinental Toronto Yorkville Hotel (also very nice) went from over $400/night down to $169.  I'd do that.

Possible second job on the horizon.  Please keep prayers coming this way, or cross whatever bodily appendages you can.

Doctors suck.   /random

Aaaaaand.. that's all I have today.  I'm spent.  Hope you have a great weekend!  Get out and enjoy the weather!! :)

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