Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Random

Reading back, I should have specified.  (Re: baking) I mostly meant about the results, but I guess I also mean the process.  Or I guess, the end result is a symbolic representation of what went wrong; if not what, then *something*.  For instance: I can whip up a successful raspberry almond clafoutis, tarte au citron, creme anglais, but I cannot, for the life of me, bake a basic chocolate chip cookie.  The lesson?  Stop making simple things more complicated than they are.

Also, chipping away at the surface is irritating.  You know there's a diamond IN the rock.  You want to chip away at the rock to get to said diamond, but it's painstakingly slow and it involves patience.  You have to have the right tools to do a successful job; you can't just *blast away* or you'll also risk breaking the inner core.  Sometimes you get a tougher-than-normal spot in the rock and you're there for a very. long. time.


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