Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Catch Up..

Yup.  Late.  Again.  Sorry 'bout that.
You see, I *want* to blog, but my time management lately has been a bit poor as, of course you know, part of my day is spent on Skype with my love (which is going fantastic, btw.  Can I tell you how ridiculously in love I am?).  And one of these days I'll stop apologizing for not writing, assuming that you'll get used to the fact and forgive me anyways.

So, let me go a bit backwards and catch you up on what I last wrote about....

We had gramma's service; it was typical services (I guess?).  Scripture reading, memories, life timelines and events.  I even learned a couple things about my gram that day (well, her and grandpa both).  And it was nice to visit after with family and socialize a bit.  I got to see relatives I haven't seen in years (that I used to be close to; cousins, etc).  I got to tell one of my uncles (gram's brother) that I'm moving overseas.  This conversation was interesting; I felt compelled to tell a man I haven't been close to at all that I was moving back "home".  I felt he had to know this.  I don't know why.  I haven't been close to that side of the family; not by choice, but by geography, difficulty of visits, etc.  I've always missed them, though.  Like a strange void that has constantly wanted to be filled.  The memories of my visits with them when I was a child are still vibrant in my head.  I've clung onto them.  They were the most... stress-free, family-filled, feeling-whole times of my childhood (I think I just realized why I've clung onto them).  They were times I.. got to be a kid.  So perhaps my need to tell my uncle a significant life moment is my attempt to tie myself to that side of the family more.
Twelve of us went out for a family dinner after.  That was nice, too.  Casual, nothing fancy.
I received a couple items from my aunt that evening that were my gram's; a Dutch bible (even more reason to learn the language), a teacup and saucer (that so reminds me of having tea with them when I was younger) and a couple of silver spoons (one with pretty scroll work with the letter 'E' for grandpa's name, and one with a Dutch.. monument/important land build of sorts).  You can tell they've been well used for said tea in teacup :)  I'm already thinking how to pack the china when I go, as I'll take it with me.

Baking has been next to non-existent.  Bleh.  I have no excuse for this.  I have no reason to bake, really, hence the no baking.  I should be experimenting with recipes.. but.. I'm not.  I do have one Christmas order to do that I should be working on and pricing.  /procrastinating

Oh, the aforementioned conversation with my parents about W. went really well.  They were supportive.  They listened.  They offered opinion.

The language.  Oh, the language.  *sigh*  I'm struggling.  Have I mentioned this?  I don't remember.  I am, to be fair, making it more difficult than it is.  I'm not sure why.  'Cause so much is at stake, I think.  Learning past languages has been fun because I've wanted to learn them out of curiosity and enjoyment.  This I have to learn not just out of curiosity and enjoyment, but necessity.  So.. I'm fighting it.  And it's ridiculous, because I know it's all in my head.  I know.  I've read or heard that other people struggle with it, so I think I have to struggle with it.  This is crap, because I know I'm intelligent enough to absorb the language.  There are times I find myself relaxing about it and it goes a bit more with ease, but those moments are still too far and few between.  If you have any experience learning a new language, I'd love to hear your stories.

Also, I just unpacked today (even though it arrived a few days ago) a parcel I bought online for Black Friday sales; luggage.  I just unpacked it out of the box; almost as if I've created certain processing times for it in my head.  It's sitting out all pretty and red in my living room.
For Europe.



cb said...

I'm so happy for what your future holds. When do you plan on leaving? Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year full of love and joy and happiness. God bless you. Stay in touch.

hydra said...

I'm really happy for you too! And it would be great to finally meet once you are in Europe. Have a wonderful Christmas! xx

Perovskia said...

Thanks, C :)
Don't know when I'm moving yet; some time before next Christmas, at the latest (but if you ask me, not soon enough).
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too :)

Perovskia said...

Thanks Hydra! I can't wait to meet as well :) xx

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