Saturday, December 15, 2012

Vent #2

As read on the Huffington Post front (online) page: "Very remote.. one of the goths."  I believe they were quoting someone, but the fact is they posted that statement to appear on their front page.
Okay, now it's personal.  

One of the goths?!  Listen, I'll be the FIRST to tell you goths have been some of the nicest and sweetest people I've known.  Having been one, I was immersed in this circle and have created some fantastic, positive memories with them.  Don't stereotype.  

*sigh*  They are trying to figure out a motive.  They are trying to "understand him" to find a reason for erratic behaviour.  No one will ever understand.  No one will get in his head.  No one can ask him to confess what was troubling him.  Yeah, he probably was a genius!  Cause it's the genius fucking kids that are put under so much pressure to perform, you almost can't blame them for cracking.  


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