Saturday, December 15, 2012


Warning: Possible expletives NOT deleted..


I hate having to voice an opinion about this.  I hate that this even happened that I have to feel so passionate to voice an opinion about something so evil.  Opinion won't be accepted by everyone, all depends what your views are, y'know?  Take what I say with a grain of salt.

First, please don't believe everything you read in the news.  I learned this years ago being the partner of someone in the military.  That's the #1 golden rule.  The news makes everything seem so concrete - but they're only reporting for their angle and with the information they've been given.  Much can be taken out of context.  And you don't know the context because *you weren't there*.  So please, be cautious.

Which leads me into..Second, please be careful what you hear/read/believe about mental illness.  Already being coined with mental illness, personality disorder, autistic, it's situations like this that give a negative stigma to real but (usually) passive disorders.  I'm no expert but I don't know a single autistic (granted, I don't know many) who wants to go around killing people.  No.  There was something else there going on.  I have a good friend who deals with these personalities on a daily basis and she'll be the first to back me up.  Please remember there's more going on behind the scenes than we know.  Mentally ill?  Perhaps.  Didn't feel enough love from those immediately around him to express the anger, hurt, rage that was bothering him?  I'm sure that's guaranteed.  They say he was an honour student.  I'm going to guess he knew what he was doing. He took himself out because he knew if he didn't he'd be spending a lifetime in prison.  I'm not sure which hell is better.  Or worse.

Third, I can't identify as a parent, but it still pulls at my heart.  Kids.  KIDS.  *sigh*  Fucking hell.

Last.. and the positive.. Yes, hug your kids tighter.  Yes, love and appreciate those who surround you.  But remember..*you are alive*  Rather you or those kids, your time will go when you're meant to go.  Give thanks and gratitude for the life you have and that you're able to give it to begin with.  Filter what you read.  Don't put anymore sadness or negativity of the news in your head or household than you need to.  Enjoy the day.  Really enjoy it.

Christian?  Pray for his soul.  Pray our Lord hears his cries and comforts him on the rest of his very painful journey.
Not?  Be thankful that whatever misery he found himself in, he's now out of and isn't a threat anymore.  Keep the victims in mind and heart and surround them with light and love.
Go do a Random Act of Kindness.


Now go out and love!!  :)

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cb said...

So very well said my dear. And so compassionate. Mental illness is indeed usually passive and very painful. Praying for him as well is important in the healing process, for all of us. Thank you for your wise words.

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