Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Down Time

Well, I'm taking advantage of some down time; W. is having a nap and I'm just catching up on emails (I don't think I've turned my computer on at all in the better part of the two weeks) and sitting with a tea.  It's a beautiful day out and I think we'll go for a walk later on.

I'm settled in the new place.  Hrm.. settled is a loose term.  I'm.. inhabiting.  There are still boxes and random objects strewn all over.  The kitchen is the closest to being complete (of course; I mean, let's discuss priorities) ;)  I still really need to downsize and get rid of more, though.  There isn't enough room for everything.  Not just the kitchen, but the bedroom (I need to fit a dresser, a tall boy, PLUS a closet full.. all  into one dresser).  There are a few items I still need to sell off (anyone local want an air conditioner, a bread maker, a dresser and/or a kitchen table/chairs?).

When we had moving day, I kept thinking about the transition; things disappearing from the old place, looking bare, then getting used to new surroundings with the new place.  Babu is still at the old place (can't bring him to the new) and still no owner.  Really having a hard time and I'm not sure why it hasn't worked itself out.

I think we're going to work outside this afternoon.  There is some lawn furniture that needs cleaning and it's a good excuse to enjoy the weather.  The property backs onto the river and there's a table out there just asking to be sat at.  Morning cup of coffee, anyone?  Or perhaps a nice sunset...

It's nice to have W. here for the house transition.  Not just for the physical help of moving and unpacking/sorting, but for the support, for the company within new walls, for someone to talk to or make meals for when I'm not in the mood to do other house stuff.  The last week and a half have been fabulous.  Our union at the airport was a joyous one and not at all awkward or 'weird' (for never having met in person).  The coming-together was just confirmation of what we already knew; we belong together and everything that we do is natural and feels right.  We're both very happy.

Well, W. is up, so I best get up too.

We spend Thursday night in Toronto and he's back on the plane Friday.  Then.... we wait until I move there. No, I don't know when I'm moving yet (it's the million-dollar question everyone's asking).  It hasn't been discussed yet, though sometime before winter.

Hope y'all are having a good week!

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hydra said...

So happy for you both! But... who is looking after poor Babu and feeding him? He must be so confused.

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