Monday, April 29, 2013

Moving On, Moving Forward

W.'s gone only 3 days and it feels like an eternity.  So.. I keep myself busy by continuously putting things away.  The monotonous task of going through your things and finding a new home for them.. ugh.  While slightly enjoyable being in a new dwelling, it's daunting to realize you have so much (and I don't even have a lot!).  It's the smaller things that are most annoying; where do I want to put notes?  #firstworldproblems

We're still discussing months/dates for me to move.  He's ultimately leaving the decision up to me.  We talked about it again last night and I have a month/date in mind, but still kicking it around.  Also looking at flight costs.

I'm overwhelmed; how am I supposed to get rid of everything - everything - in a span of (a potential) 3 months?  I had a hard enough time doing it when I was moving from Apt A to House B.  I have to let go of my entire life - a life I've become attached to in a city I love.  How do I decide what to ship?  If I ship /this/, should I also ship /that/?  What's the line?

It's funny; when we were sitting at Union Station on the last leg of his journey, we were waiting for the GO train (to meet my friend to go to the airport).  I contemplated going with him (not even lying, even if it was just for a brief second).  I had my Dutch passport on me, 2 days worth of clothes, my purse and ID.  I was good to go.  He put it a bit in perspective, said that I'd just 'left' everything behind (books, clothes, stereo, whatever) and everything that I can't currently decide about.  Aside from pictures maybe, there was nothing I felt I needed to rush back for (to be honest, he was the one who brought that up).  All I could think of was, "Well, I feel bad for having to leave my stuff for someone else to get rid of. That's not right."

Perspective.  Attachment.  When is something important to you, and why?

Something came up and I have to jet.  Ending this blog post. Gotta run!


hydra said...

I think the best way is to make a clean break and not ship anything. Valuables, you can park with family who will look after them for you. Legal paperwork, birth certificate, you should take. But ornaments, furniture, pictures may not suit your new home and new life, so get rid and start afresh. Passport, papers, toothbrush and knickers. What more do you need? Go for it, girl! It's so very exciting.

Perovskia said...

It's interesting you say this. Not everyone would hold the same view. In fact, I don't even know how I feel about leaving pictures behind. Yet do I have time to sort through them all? Should I leave them with family?

I can't wait to go, though :)

hydra said...

I meant pictures you hang on the wall, rather than photographs. Photos you can take - or email to yourself to print the other end! You will need a few comforting photos of the life you left behind... Just one or two very special ones.

Perovskia said...

Ah, that makes sense.
Yeah, I thought about scanning photos.
I actually hope to create a photo collage of people from back home when I get there and put it on the wall. A comforting reminder.

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