Thursday, July 30, 2009

Food, Fun and Friends

I love a good get-together. Went to a friend's tonight for a potluck, though said friend despises the term 'potluck' (where does it originate from anyways?) and called it a, "BYOF" (bring your own food - quirky and original, I thought!). So food I brought (chocolate, naturally). There was a really good spread. And beer. And wine. Yum.

Great conversation was had. I contemplated holding a discussion group on John Paul II's, "Theology of the Body". This will never happen, of course, but it's a nice thought. A lot of laughs. They even got to see a brief, though however entertaining appearance of "Drunk J." (some of you will know what this is). :)

I am always happy after recounting evenings like this. Y'know, when you come home, step in the door, you have the quiet to yourself (vs. sharing a room with 15 people), you take a deep breathe, sigh a contented sigh.. and you think about the intelligence you were surrounded by; the friends, the love - and you are happy and thankful. I could never have enough evenings like this.

Thank you, friends.

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