Saturday, July 25, 2009


What is our worth? What is our worth to other people? What makes us say, "They're not worth my time" or "They don't deserve me, I'm worth more than that"?

Worth is a funny thing. It can set us high, or set us low. It determines our conditions, our convictions, our stamina. It's projected from our self-confidence.

I've constantly been asking myself what I'm worth lately. Not from what's ingrained in me from years and years of disfunctional, built-in, chronic behaviour; but what *I* decide what *I'm* really worth. To other people. Or what *they're* worth to me.

Right now I feel like I'm not worth a lot to some people, the way I've been treated. I can accept that, albeit their execution is a bit faulty (when I say 'a bit', I mean a lot). I just have to decide what's worth *my* time. My hurt. My tears. My energy. My self-worth.

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