Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year...and Random Babbling

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope you had a fun and safe night.  Did you spend it indoors?  Did you go out and brave the crowds?

I stayed in and was more than happy to do so.  New Years has never been a big deal for me.  I view it as any other day and I'm okay with that.  My predictions for myself and immediate loved ones: It will be a better year.  It won't come without some waiting.  I feel there's going to be waiting (story of my life, "Hurry up and wait").  A little bit of work, perhaps, but otherwise things are going to come easier and be more positive this year.  The previous hard work will start to pay off.  Things will come together.  I hope this goes for everyone around me.  We all deserve a better year.

I was also happy to stay in last night because yesterday just completely sucked.  My nerves were shot because of the blue moon, I had some minor stress about the other half, I got "spoken to" at work by my supervisor (which really wasn't called for, but I need to bite my tongue here), I was starting to get cranky because I've been coming down sick, and because I was sick I was very tired.  Aaaaargh!  Just everything at once.  But.. things are *much* better today all around (though I'm still tired).

It's lightly snowing out.  It's nice.  I've been puttering around the apartment; have laundry on the go now.  I've got to clean up the mess that is my dining table (which has become a catch-all for stuff).  The cat is self amused right now which is nice.  I've got dishes.  Anyone wanna come do my dishes?  You know you want to.  C'mon.  You wash, I'll dry ;)

One of my returning patients isn't doing well.  Doc's can't figure out why she's falling (she's elderly) and she's really going downhill.  First day she was in she was okay, now she can't even speak legibly.  It's hard to watch.  Some other regulars are finally being shipped out, so it's time to get used to a new round of patients.

I've taken all my Christmas stuff down but kept my snowmen up.  I've been going all day.  I really should think about eating soon and taking a break (I've been writing this on and off today).  Seems there's more I wanted to write about, but it all escapes me.  Oh right!  What the last year held.

In the past year, I took up a new position at work, added new (healthier) foods to my diet and kept most of them there.  I became more cognizant of how foods are prepared, consumed, produced, how they affect my surroundings, how important it is to buying local.  I became more in-tune with my body and my illness(es); how to control them (diet) and how not to (medications).  I took on (and still doing) a program at a college via correspondence.  I started volunteering.  I learned a LOT about myself (this itself could take up a whole page).  Gained some new friends, lost a couple.  There were also a lot of stresses and a lot of downfalls, but we won't concentrate on those :)

Well, I need to grab a snack before I meet a co-worker for a drink.  Hope everyone's had a great day!


hydra said...

The blue moon! Of course! That's probably why I had such a dreadful New Year's Eve, too. But Jupiter is changing signs soon so perhaps the planet of jollity and generosity will bring us all some good times. Hope so!

Perovskia said...

Hmm.. that is promising. When is Jupiter coming?

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