Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weekend Start

..... is off to a slow one.  Stayed up late last night chatting with the man, slept in a little this morning, but not nearly as much as I should have.  Have strong coffee in hand.  I'm anticipating a relaxing, yet productive weekend.  I'm going to clean the bedroom, re-organize (and perhaps add to) a pile I have going to donation.  I never spend time in the bedroom anymore since I've moved the laptop to the living room (warmer).  I'm going to Mass tonight then having dinner with a girlfriend whom I haven't been able to get together with for a few weeks.  Looking forward to that.

I wrote my family in wishes to get together Sunday, but no one's responded, save for my sister who suggested we go to her place.  I wrote back and apologized that I couldn't go.  My stomach (IBS) hasn't been well and I can't last 1.5hrs in a car.  So hopefully we come up with another alternative (like just going to the parents like I'd planned; they're just 20 min away).  Gotta love a family that's last minute.

Monday I have nothing planned.  If they call me into work I might go, but otherwise just taking it easy.

Hope everyone has a great weekend planned, whatever it is.  And stay warm!!


hydra said...

You're so like me! I have problems with getting into London from where I live as it's 1 1/2 hours on the Tube and there are no loos until you get there. I often have to cancel things if my IBS is bad that day. Even if I get there OK, I worry about what I'll be like coming back, especially if I've had a meal. What are we like?!

Perovskia said...

I *hate* that IBS has turned me into an agoraphobic idiot. I don't do a lot because of it. Last time I traveled? I can't even tell you.

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