Thursday, January 14, 2010


Called the school.

Me, "Hi, there would have been paperwork sent in for registering for and I haven't received paperwork or confirmation yet."
Woman on phone, "No, there's no record of registration."
Me, "WHAT?!"


They never received the paperwork from work (my workplace sends it in for me since they're paying).  Alright.  So I'll leave early today and give hell to who I spoke to before.  Granted, she's new and it could have gotten lost or any retarded human error, so I'll be a little nice.  But now we're in a rush because registration closes on the 22nd.   Gah.  I could have been studying by now!

*takes a deep breath and walks away*

Later edit: Work sent in the paperwork late.  When I say late, I mean last Friday.  It wasn't the lady I dealt with that did it late; she actually did it on time, it was Finance.  It should have been there by now, but I'm going to call again tomorrow (and every day until I hear a yes).  Still anxious until I know it's been taken care of.


hydra said...

It's so frustrating when you're relying on others to do something and they don't fulfil their side of the bargain. Congrats on your self-control!

Perovskia said...

Thanks. It turned out the hospital sent it in late, so I'm going to keep calling the school every day to see if they've received it.

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