Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Still No Words.. But Lots of Pictures!

I still don't have words for you, but I do have pictures in the meantime.

Walked into the kitchen and saw this one day. 

He's cute :)

Those covers *were* pulled up to the pillows.  Not anymore...

We were getting some bad weather and I saw this sky as I came home.  I thought the different colours were fantastic.  Click to make bigger.  I also took another picture.......

...and I saw more of the two colours.  

I was making the bed one day.  Babu likes to 'help'.  Bunny-kick!

This picture makes me laugh.  He's got such big eyes.  This was after a bit of a pause.  "What do you mean we're not playing anymore?"

Play time again!  He's under there..somewhere.

I see a tail!

He's got such an uninterested look on his face.  "Wut?"

I received these battle wounds at the time.  Thanks, buddy.

Ahh... all tuckered out, now.

Ended up falling asleep under the sheets. 
"Say goodnight, Gracie."  "Goodnight, Gracie"


hydra said...

Lovely, lovely pics. What a handsome boy he is!

Bix said...

He likes to pull down the covers. And get underneath them. It's nice ... he knows what he likes.

Perovskia said...

Thanks Hydra. I told him you said so :)

Heh, that he does, Bix.

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