Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Peaceful Monday

Remember at the beginning of the weekend I wrote that I wasn't able to (literally) sit still?  I have no problem sitting still today.  The majority of my weekend was 'meh' but yesterday was much needed.  I got to spend the whoooooole day with family.  We went to a neighbouring town for a "Soup Off" - various vendors/restaurants bring their best soup and you buy a soup bowl (made by a local artist.. I'll have to take a picture of mine) and you wander around and taste everyone's soup and vote for the best one.  Sadly, my parents restaurant did not win (though we figured out contributing factors to why) but two of the other soups I also voted for (there were 3 categories) won :)  A yummy mushroom soup (broth-based, not cream-based) and a Purple People Eater soup (yup - it was purple.. using purple potatoes and purple carrots).  I'm not a big soup person but a lot of them were very yummy!  And too much cream soup made me a little ill, but it passed.

Anyhoo.. got off track.  Got together with family in the morning for breakfast.  I can say it was the first time in months (years?) that we've all been at the same table together (time, schedules and distance often separates us). Even with boyfriends (soon-to-be-fiancé I hope!) and pregnant girlfriends (I'm going to be an aunt again!), it was a full table of 8 (after being with CZ's family of...what was it at one time? Like.. 18? it seems not very much at all).  Went back to the farm after breakfast, relaxed and headed to the Soup Off.  Then after that we went back home, my sister and her family had to get back on the road and I stayed back and kicked it with the 'rents for a while.  I got home around 8 or so and had a very relaxing evening.  Did up some dishes (I'm sure they self-multiply) and took care of a few things that I'd been putting off.  Did some reading and went to bed! Zzzzzz....

Today I have laundry, some much-needed cleaning and my last Leadership session.  Don't want to sit around too much; the apartment won't clean itself.  Canadians... Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend and Americans.. Hope you had a great weekend, period :)  Brits.. did you have any holidays this weekend?

Happy Tuesday!


hydra said...

Nope. No official hols for us now till Christmas. We could do with another one. I'm taking myself off to my sister's place in the Lake District on Thursday. Back Monday.

Perovskia said...

*gives you another holiday* :)
Have fun at your sisters!

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