Thursday, August 4, 2011


Came across this through a friend today, an article on how Antioxidants Don't Work.  Anyone have any thoughts?  Bix?  Life Resident?  Amanda?  Michelle?

Sounds like to me such levels need to be in a fine balance, just like everything else.  But is it that easy?


Bix Weber said...

Antioxidants do work in that they reduce oxidizing chemicals. We absolutely need them in our diet, like vitamin C and selenium.

The question is ... will taking antioxidants in pill form be beneficial. Foods and the chemicals in them that act as antioxidants are beneficial. However, studies that use antioxidant pills show muddy results. Studies that analyze consumption of fruits and vegetables show benefit, however. I would stick to the food. (But you knew I would say that! :)

Perovskia said...

Ha.. I did know you would say that! :)

Yeah, it seems the old adage still applies.. get what you can from food before supplement.

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