Wednesday, April 18, 2012



I gave up and I didn't think I'd find an apartment - until today.

I'd mentioned to the landlord yesterday I was looking at apartments, etc and he said he's got one coming up in June and asked if I wanted to take a look.  My point was to move *out* of the building (parking being an issue) but .. what the hell.

If you don't mind, I'm going to talk it out because it'll help me think it out - and if you have opinions/thoughts, I'd love to hear them.  Otherwise, feel free to pass over this post.

Well... hell.  I didn't think I'd be interested in this apartment at all.  Really.  And I was trying not to - because I'm trying to get out of the building (again, parking).  The living room was maybe the same size, or a smidge bigger (pro), but it'd have to house existing current furniture plus another chair (I doubt it would fit in the bedroom).  There's a HALLWAY.  Like.. wow! (pro!)  (If you're unaware, I don't have that because my apt is more compact.)  The kitchen has more counter space (pro).  Not much more, but more than what I have, and there's a space/corner where I can add a workstation if I so desired (pro).  The bathroom is bigger!  (pro!)  Mine is (aka feels like) 2x2; literally there's room for one person and everything is in your immediate reach, where this other one has actual walking space, and a freaking towel rack for crying out loud (it's the small things).  Oh, and slightly more storage.  The bedroom is a bit smaller (meh), but has nicer closet organization (shelves) (pro).  And really, I don't need a large bedroom. Enough room for my bed, dresser and tallboy (the desk will go).  There are 3 windows (same as what I have) but face a different direction; I face NW right now (which is nice wind in the summer, not so great in the winter) and I think these windows face east only (warm in the summer (con), less cool in the winter (pro)).  I pay hydro, so the less I pay at any given time is a plus.  The windows are very close to the roof (summer - heat - con) and face the pub (noise at night when I go to bed early - con).  Also, I'm not in-building for the laundry, I have to walk a little around the building (con - especially in winter! Brr!).  And really, who wants to walk along 40ft of sidewalk/street with laundry basket in hand?  Can I get past that?

It needs a paint job (I don't mind) and I'll have to pay water (what? $20/mo?).. so.. something else to think of.  But if I was going to increase my rental budget anyways.  Parking, well, I'm working around that already. There would be no lease (and did I mention that for 150 sq.ft more he's offering it to me at the same price?).  Gah.

I have to weigh a lot of pros and cons, plus the 'hassle' (though small) of changing my address with everything PLUS asking friends/family to help me move - with stairs.  Again.  I don't know.

Short term pain for long term gain/comfort?  This theme keeps popping up....

Any thoughts?  Anyone?  Bueller?

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hydra said...

I think the walk with the laundry basket - in winter? in snow and ice? - would be a deal-breaker for me, as would noise from pub. To gain 150 sq ft, it wouldn't seem worth it. Plus all the hassles of changing address, etc. And no lease? is that secure? But what it really comes down to is your gut feeling. Do you like it better than your current flat? Do you think you could cope with pub/laundry? And would Babu like it better? He's got used to the familiar scents where he is.

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