Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Precious Collection

Let me preface this post by mentioning my collection of old poetry books, anything pre-1940's (don't ask why that time in history, just something random I selected many years ago).  Or, what was old poetry books, now growing into selective pieces on psychology and medical.  

The medical was added today (AR, you're going to love this).  I obtained The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser by R.V Pierce M.D ~ completely scanned by someone, if you were interested ("One of the staff of consulting physicians and surgeons at the Invalid's Hotel and Surgical Institute, and President of the World's Dispensary Medical Association").  The present edition I have was published in 1895.  Upon further research, it seems to be missing the first couple of pages inside (picture of author, minor book introductory, table of contents) but I don't care :)

I've flipped through it and it's quite interesting, listing some sketches of the Invalid's Hotel, apparatuses used in rehabilitation and even some slightly coloured plates (even if they're only 3 or 4 colours) of cell matter, anatomy and tons of testimonials (complete with picture of the person making the testimony!) etc.  His talk of "the weaker sex" is interesting (not) and feels everything can be cured by Dr. Pierce's Favourite Prescription or the Golden Medical Discovery (this last link mentions it, but also includes a bit of history about the author).  It goes without saying that "cure-alls" from this time period are complete hokum (it's even said he was an impostor) but it's an interesting read, nonetheless.  Millions bought into it at the time.

I love having a piece of history in my hands like this. I'm not sure what it's worth (I saw someone listing it on kijiji for $125) but it'll be a great addition to my collection, of which I'll take a picture of later to show you.  For now, I've included a picture of said purchase.... 

And what did I buy it for?  

One dollar.

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