Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dirty Laundry

Okay.. another dilemma in need of feedback/suggestions/advice.

I use communal laundry in my building.  In the usage of said communal laundry, is the salon downstairs (one of the businesses attached to the building).  I was doing laundry last night and as it sometimes happens, I used the washer after them.  And as it SOMETIMES HAPPENS my clothes get stained from their (hair/bleaching/dying, etc) product.  After last night, I've had it.  I had it the last time, but I never said anything.  Now I'm ready to say something.  Why they don't have their own damn washer is beyond me, but such is life.

How would you approach the business?  I have half a mind to take all the articles of clothes affected and demand money to replace said clothes.. as some I can no longer wear (they're too ruined.. and why is it always my new stuff?!?!).  Now, they can just as easily retort back that how can I prove it's them?  Fair.  Though we both know it is.  Every. Single. Time.


Yelling won't get me anywhere, and I know how to make an efficient complaint (having worked in the retail business for years), but any external advice would be appreciated.  The sooner the better.  It happened last night but I'd like to go to them Monday (to avoid weekend heavy traffic).  My idea is to pull the manager aside (I'm not there to make a scene with nearby customers and will explain as much), but what would you say?

Reason #437 why I need to move.


hydra said...

I would keep a log of the days and times you use the washing machine and your clothes get ruined. I would also photograph each ruined article of clothing as you take it out of the machine. Then, armed with the evidence, you can confront them and demand compensation.

Perovskia said...

Doable, but it's impossible to blame them without concrete evidence (being communal laundry). I'd know for sure they wouldn't be recording the days they do laundry, so I'd have nothing to compare against.

Ah well, we'll hope for a new place soon, eh?

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