Saturday, March 9, 2013

35 Days

Just over a month.  Eek!

I'm starting to plan our itinerary (this awful OCD side of me that needs to plan everything, which makes W. and I a perfect compliment because he's a "go with the flow/no plans" kind of guy) and plan meals (c'mon, you know I gotta bake some magical goodness to woo him) ;)  When I'll work (yes, I have to for a couple days because money has yet to grow on trees and which I'll regret every second I'm in that damned hospital), when to visit family, friends... and most importantly when to have time to ourselves.  There just won't be enough time.


Oh, and let me tell you about my paperwork.  A (very long emotional) story short, it took 3 calls to the Netherlands two days ago to get done in an hour what could have been easily done 2 months ago.  I.. can't even deal with how that all happened.  The Hague seems to be full of incompetency which makes me very nervous as I think it'll be them who'll be processing my citizenship and passport request.  I got more (and friendlier!) progress from a smaller municipality than I did the government's central hub.  But what do I know.  It's all over and hopefully this week I'll be in Toronto filing my paperwork.

I started going through some of my things, but I have a loooot more to do.  I don't even know where to begin.  I don't know what I'll need over the next few months or what I can do without.  The selling of things is going very slow which also doesn't help.  I want this stuff out of my apartment.

I think I gave up learning Dutch for Lent.

Oh!  So my landlord wanted to come in and take pictures of my place so he can post it online and I tidied up the best I could, but there's not much I could do with boxes and stuff all over the place cause.. y'know.. I'm moving.  Well, doesn't he come in, move some of my stuff and NOT PUT IT BACK.  I mean, even some things were staged (like random items on the stove).  A day later I'm still finding things that have been moved.  It's kinda creepy.

Babu; still trying to make arrangements for him.

Not much else to report.  Things are well otherwise.  Trying to balance life; stressful things with unstressful things (yoga, knitting, practicing Miserere for Easter/choir, time with friends) but sometimes it's hard and there aren't enough hours in the day.

How is your weekend going?  The weather outside is fantastic and I've shed the winter coat.  I might even go for a walk later.  I hope you're having an easy-going weekend, too.



hydra said...

'Stuff' is an absolute burden. Paying for mine to be stored for the last few years has cost me thousands! Now I am buying a house specifically so I can get my stuff back and sort it out. I never want to accumulate so much again. When I was at college, I could fit everything I possessed into one suitcase. Now I'd need ten just for my clothes and shoes! I'm putting stuff on eBay and what doesn't sell will go to the charity shop. I don't envy you your task, but you are changing your life in brilliant ways and I wish you every happiness!

Perovskia said...

It's funny how we at one stage of our lives can live out of a suitcase, but at another fill an entire house without notice.
I haven't attempted eBay; not being familiar with it I'm cautious/nervous, but maybe I should give it a try? Can you still do it for stuff for people to pick up? (i.e not ship)
I needed to hear your kind words, thank you. x

hydra said...

Yes, you can do it for people to pick up. You put 'local pick-up only'. It's worth a try!

Perovskia said...

I'll look into it!

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