Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This Is It

Well, I go to Toronto in the morning to file my paperwork.  It's all done.  After tomorrow I wait the excruciating wait, in the meantime carrying on my life as if I'm about to move half way across the world.  They could say yes, they could say no.  It can go either way.  Still, I think positive and feel this is the right course and things are going as they are meant to.

So I'm going to keep this short tonight; I have to get my paperwork in order and prep for the morning.  Wish me luck!

33 days.


hydra said...

How did it go in Toronto? I do hope it's a yes!!!

Perovskia said...

It went very well! Will try to write about it soon.
I hope it's a yes, too! :)

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