Monday, March 18, 2013

Killing Time

I'm too tired to do a craft/hobby so I thought I would write you and keep you posted.

How has your weekend gone?  Did you spend it with friends?  Family?  Study?  Drink for St. Patrick's Day?  Maybe you celebrated your birthday ;)

Tuesday in Toronto went well.  It was anti-climatic.  We (my friend/neighbour C. came with me) got to the consulate early and when a gentleman was about to help me, he had to verify something and while waiting, helped (and put me behind) a family of 5.  Five.  With a demon-child (oh...faithful reader, you think I'm being facetious).  Which set me back almost an hour and a half.  In a hot office.  With said demon-child.  No matter, I wanted to deal with the same woman who's been helping me on my case so that was a small sacrifice.  Sure enough, young man went away and lady came back in.

So I'm a bit tense, right, cause I've gone over in my head a million times to make sure I've got all my paperwork and everything with me.  When I hand it in, it's a crutial moment.  This is it.  The end of it all.  Now there was a form she gave me to fill out; this was an assessment form of family history.  Like, a hundred questions.. names of parents/grandparents on both sides, dates and places of birth, dates and places of marriage, dates of immigration & naturalization, dates and places of ..everything.  It was challenging to get this information from my family because some of it is from so long ago we don't necessarily have the information.  So I hand this form to her and she says so casually, "Oh, I don't need this."  I let out a, "Ah!" in shock and bit my tongue.  I didn't care, I was almost there.  She took it anyways, it might help.

All in all, she put me in the system herself while I was there.  I beat the deadline.  I was in.

I walked around in a sort of daze after that, unable to make a decision (to the detriment of my friend).  Which is okay, cause we did some shopping.  I finally found a hoodie to replace the one I had that was old and full of holes.. *very* affordable at Old Navy.  Which was nice 'cause it offset the makeup I bought at Sephora :/  *cough*

So now I wait.  I'm told I'll hear in about 2 weeks.  In 2 weeks my life will permanently change, regardless of the decision (though I'm still holding on for a positive 'yes').  Two weeks will dictate what the rest of my year will look like.  What the rest of my *life* will look like.  Oh my.  Better not get ahead.  I keep praying.

I'm happy :)

26 days.


hydra said...

My fingers are SO crossed for you. And my toes, too!

Perovskia said...

Thanks :D

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